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Pups & Camping | Four Questions You Need to Ask


Dog Friendly Campgrounds

It is no secret dogs love the outdoors. That's why planning a stay at a pet-friendly campground, and RV park will make for countless memories with your four-legged friend from throwing sticks on the beach to exploring new trails in the woods.

But before you grab the leash, ask yourself these four questions:

1. What are the rules for pups at this pet-friendly campground?

Be sure to research the regulations at your campground before you put your pooch in the car. Some campgrounds have restrictions based on breed, safety, local wildlife and other campers.  

Also, be sure to review the campground’s map to make sure you stay clear of any restricted areas.


2. Has my dog had a visit to the vet lately?

This is so important. Make sure your canine is healthy enough for a romp at the campground. Get them checked not only for physical health but also that they are up-to-date on shots.

3. How is my pup’s camp etiquette?

Even at the most pet-friendly campgrounds, dog’s with bad manners won’t be tolerated!

While most dogs love being in nature, the amount of new sensory stimuli they run into can cause even the most polite pup to bark, jump or bite.  

Since camping involves closeness between yourself, your dog and other campers, be sure your dog is trained with commands and generally has a friendly disposition towards other humans and pups.

Pro-Tip: Find a campground with zones specifically for dogs. This will help your pup engage with other dogs and get more comfortable with the new environment!

More Tips on Camping with Dogs

4. Will bringing my canine be a burden?

While having a furry friend on vacation may seem like a great idea, sometimes it’s best to leave your furry friend at home. Make a point, a few weeks before your trip, to plan out your excursions, adventures, dining and general downtime to evaluate whether having your dog will be memorable or stressful.

Our advice: If you leave your dog at home, be sure to give extra time at the dog park when you return!

camping with dogs

Camping with dogs can be a wonderful experience, just make sure you ask yourself these questions before your trip!

What questions do you ask yourself when it comes to bringing a pet camping?

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Originally published July 14, 2017, updated September 8, 2017


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